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One-Click Payments for Online Shops

Accept credit and debit card purchases instantly with the REMITOS one-click payment feature.

Accept payments faster and more conveniently. With REMITOS you can guarantee a perfect shopping experience and let your customers pay with just a single click without having to enter card details every time.
Boost your sales
Your buyers will enjoy a simplified and faster buying option, while you will increase your sales and boost your profit. By offering the one-click buying solution, you will build loyalty and enhance customer retention.
Purchases made with a single click
REMITOS one-click card payment system is a convenient method of paying for registered returning customers. After the first purchase, a customer can pay with a single click only. Further purchases are made instantly with no need to type in card details again and again.
Tokenization and protection of sensitive card data
You do not have to worry about storing any sensitive information on your servers. The card details will be tokenized by REMITOS Payment system. There will be no need to fill in all the personal and card information again.

How one-click payments work

1. Add your card


2. Select your card


3. Pay with one click

  1. Your buyer signs up on your website and makes the first purchase.
  2. The card details that he/she enters (card number, first and last name of the cardholder, CVV2/CVC2, expiry date) for the initial transaction are tokenized by the REMITOS system.
  3. The reference ID of the first payment is stored on the system.
  4. Next time the customer buys in your online store and clicks on the Pay with card button, the system uses the reference ID of the initial transaction and charges his/her card.
  5. And that’s all! With only one click, your buyer makes a payment and brings you profit.

One-click payments for your business

Different types of business can use the REMITOS one-click buying method for various goods and services. Here are only some of the examples:

Payments for Mobile Apps

Make it easy for customers to pay for your services with a single click in your mobile application. Let them easily pay with a credit or debit card from anywhere anytime.

Payments for Online services​​

If you are selling online consultations or SaaS your clients will appreciate how convenient and easy it is to buy anything with one click only. Make it easier to buy your services again!​

Payments for Memberships

Your customers will need to enter their card details only once and click on the 'Pay' button. With our enhanced security tools, transactions are protected from any fraudulent card use.

Start Accepting One-Click Payments

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