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MO/TO Virtual Terminal for Online Payments

Accept mail and telephone orders using the REMITOS virtual terminal.

Our easy-to-use virtual payment system enables merchants to accept orders over the phone or by email. REMITOS is a certified PCI DSS Level 1 service provider standards and helps you protect your transactions.
Secure phone, fax and mail orders
Sometimes customers hesitate to fill in the card payment form on a website, as they don’t know who the merchant is. By accepting Mo/To payments, you establish the direct connection between you and your buyer so that he/she knows that the money is transferred to the right person.
Simple to use
REMITOS virtual card terminal is quick and simple to use. You won’t need any expensive resources or special setup – no software to install. You will be able to track all your transactions in your own REMITOS account.
Accept payments from anywhere in the world
The REMITOS virtual terminal gives you the opportunity to charge the most popular credit and debit cards worldwide. Receive orders on your computer, phone, or tablet wherever you are. You can also use our virtual terminal for orders made in person (e.g. at conferences). All you need is the internet connection.

What is a Virtual Terminal?

A virtual terminal is an online version of a physical card terminal. It is a software application for card-not-present transactions where merchants are able to enter their customer’s card data and charge them for products or services.

How does a virtual terminal work?

  1. You receive order and card details from customers by mail, telephone, fax, or by any other means of communication.
  2. You enter these details into an online payment form in the virtual terminal.
  3. You receive the confirmation that the card was charged successfully.


  1. Strong processing history;
  2. No excessive chargebacks;
  3. Your company is reliable and functioning for more than 3 years.

Who may need the REMITOS MO/TO processing terminal?

Accomodation or rental services

Physical businesses that need a simple way of charging without an established POS system.

Small companies

Merchants who want to establish trust with their customers.

Take-out restaurants, florists

Online merchants of different types who want to process manual orders

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