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What Is 3D Secure Authentication?

Protect your payments with the powerful 3D Secure tool and build trust with your buyers.

3D Secure helps you to authenticate your customer and his/her card. It ensures a higher level of protection against fraudulent card use.
Reduce online fraud
3-D Secure significantly reduces the number of fraudulent online activities including identity theft and unauthorized card use. It protects card data of genuine cardholders and increases customer confidence in your website.
Minimize the risk of chargebacks
With the help of 3D Secure, you are able to check whether a buyer is a legitimate cardholder. If a fraudster tries to purchase in your online shop, 3D Secure will prevent this from happening, and you won’t have to deal with disputes and chargebacks.
Shift chargeback liability
The liability shifts from you to your buyer’s card issuer, and you are able to dispute the chargeback.

How 3D Secure works

3D Secure refers to 3 Domain Secure. In brief, it is an extra method of authentication for online credit card transactions. It also provides protection from fraudulent card use for the seller and his acquiring bank, the cardholder and his card issuing bank, and Card Association’s networks (Visa, MasterCard).

After a customer clicks the payment button, the 3D Secure window asks your customer to authenticate himself/herself and confirm the card payment. This window is normally marked with MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa logos. There your buyer needs to enter a personal password (or security code) which is verified by his/her card issue

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