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Delayed Capture of Payments

Use our capture delay feature to prevent refunds, chargebacks and fraud in your online store.

Delay the capture of your customer’s funds to verify him or her once more or to make sure that your products are in stock and ready to be shipped. Protect yourself from unnecessary disputes.
Check the validity of your customers’ cards
When your customer’s card details are sent for authorization, check whether he or she has provided valid credentials before shipping products or providing services.
Reduce the number of chargebacks and refunds
In case your event doesn’t take place or some ordered products are out of stock, you can easily cancel the transaction before capturing the funds. Save your time and avoid the unpleasant chargeback process.
Charge customers after delivering products or services
Capture payments after orders were shipped or your buyers received them. Prevent customer complaints and refund requests.

How delayed capture works

1. Payment Request


2. Customer Verification

3. Pay with one click

4. Capture or Void

A customer provides card details at the checkout, and a payment request is sent to the REMITOS payment gateway. After authorizing the charge, the customer’s funds are frozen. This gives you some time to check the legitimacy of the card or prepare the order for shipment. If there are no problems, you proceed to capture and receive your funds.

1. Payment authorization

After your customer makes a payment with a credit card, his or her card issuing bank verifies whether the card is valid and has enough funds. The needed funds on the card are frozen until captured but no longer than the period set by Visa and MasterCard networks.

2. Time to prepare the order

You have some time to check your customer for any suspicious activities and verify your customer’s data. If he or she seems fraudulent, you can cancel the capture of the payment and the funds won’t be charged. You can also make sure that all the goods are available and ready to be delivered.

3. Payment capture

You can capture funds after the customer receives an order or uses your services. The captured funds are transferred from your customer’s bank account to your merchant account.

A free trial period

You can offer your customers a free trial period with the help of delayed capture. A free trial can help you attract more buyers to stay as your loyal customers.

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