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Recurring Payments

Create subscription and membership payment plans with REMITOS all-in-one payment solution.

REMITOS recurring payment system allows you to charge your customers cards periodically for your offered products or services.
Regular on-time payments
Your customers will not need to remember to pay on time and enter their card details again. You will not need to remind them because the set amount will be charged automatically.
Various plans for various businesses
You can offer different billing plans for product or content subscriptions, SaaS products, various memberships, subscription boxes, magazines, donations and many more.
Different recurring billing periods
You can choose how often your customers will be charged: daily, monthly, semi-annually or annually. The period may depend on your preference and integration method.

How recurring payments work

With REMITOS recurring billing is easy to set up and manage. You just need to apply for your REMITOS merchant account

1. Customer signs up

2. Customer chooses Your subscription

3. Recurring Billing
4. Further recurring charges on a periodic basis

How to start accepting Recurring Payments?

  1. Sign up for REMITOS merchant account. Specify that you want to enable subscription billing when filling in the REMITOS merchant application form.
  2. Integrate your online shop with REMITOS. Use our ready-to-install plugins or API & SDK libraries.
  3. The first order your customer makes requires entering all card details, but there is no need to save them for further upcoming charges.
  4. Once the first payment is processed, your system saves the payment reference ID. Our recurring billing system uses this reference ID to make further recurring charges on a periodic basis.
  5. And that’s all! Now you won’t need to worry and remind your customers to pay – recurring payments will be charged automatically.

Recurring Payments for your business

Any type of business can offer subscription plans for various goods and services. For example:

Subscription billing for memberships

If you offer membership services to your customers or clients, you can simplify the process of charging them every once in a while. Just integrate with our recurring billing system and stop worrying about upcoming charges for your content or service.

Monthly charges for subscription boxes

Our recurring payments system is perfect for selling monthly subscription services. If you offer subscription boxes filled with cosmetic and beauty products, fashion goods, books, geek merchandise, food and more, you can apply for REMITOS services.

Subscriptions for Software (SaaS)

If you develop and provide access to your own software, you can activate subscription billing to accept monthly or annual payments from your clients more easily.

Secure tokenization of card data

Your customers can be sure that their card data won’t be exposed to anyone. Once the first payment is made, the card data is tokenized. All recurring online payments will be processed automatically without the need to enter card details again. We will charge your customers - you just need to specify the amount.

Subscriptions API

Our API gives you the full flexibility of integration and customization. You have complete control over the process of your online transactions.

Start Accepting Recurring Payments

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