Remitos – Payment Service Provider

Pricing & Fees

Free to have. Pay only when we help you make a sale!

Fees per transaction

Accept payments worldwide
Accept payments in any currencies with all the main credit and debit cards from customers all around the world. VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Carte Bleue and many others.
Transparent pricing
No hidden fees. Get a merchant account, a payment gateway, and an acquiring bank in one place.
Free to have
No setup or monthly fees. Setup, integration, security measures and other useful features are absolutely free of charge. Free fast professional support. Pay only for what you use.
Easy payouts
We will offer you the most suitable frequency of your payouts.


An additional cross-border fee applies for payments with cards issued outside of the EU/EEA.


Every chargeback is subjected to a fee of 25 Euro, but you have a chance to dispute it. Note that REMITOS is not liable for any chargebacks received by merchants.


5% or 10% will be on hold to cover your chargebacks. If no chargebacks occur, we will pay the full amount back to you.

Pricing for High-Risk Businesses

Do you need a proper payment solution for your high-risk business? We can provide you our reliable payment service. Contact us, and we will assess the risk of your business and offer the best conditions.

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